Welcome to my web page!
I'm Tabata.
I live in Kanagawa-prefecuture, Japan.
My hobbies are scuba diving (underwater photograph) and to play tennis.
I began scuba diving in 1978.
I belonged to the music club at first & second year in college, and I was absorbed in the music of the rock and the folk..
My friend of the music club began sucuba diving. "Underwater sea is very pleasant"he said.
I had interest in scuba diving soon, too.
I bought a snorkel,mask,fin and a wet suit. I went to Manazuru-town (Izu) for skin diving.
At that time,the red tide appeared,the sea condition was bad. Visibility was as much as I couldn't to see my fin.
I was happy though there were such conditions. I thought " How wonderful the sea"
Regulator was bought ,too and I began scuba diving.
I traveled to Iriomote Is. of Okinawa in 1980. Then my impression was intense.
Still an image of those days was left in my head until now… The sand color of their beach… The group fishes which
passed through just in front of me… The squids which laid eggs to the coral…
I stopped scuba diving when I graduated from college. I thought that I'll never dive again.
I traveled to Ogasawara Is. in 1995. I traveled to Ishigaki& Iriomote Is. again in 1996.
I resumed scuba diving again.
It was experienced most abundantly areas are the islands of Okinawa prefecture.
I enjoy taking a picture most now.
I know that it is very beautiful when the ordinary fishes, and very little sea snail are made a photograph.
The construction of web
Not to make the amount of information of each page heavy. It requires only 50KB as a standard.
A little photograph is being taken because that becomes heavy when a big photograph is published.
But, when you click on the name of the photograph, you have a big photograph seen in the additional page.
Then, one more page is made as SAIPAN2 when the page of SAIPAN became heavy.
I'm sorry to say…I'm not translating all. I hopeyou to see my photograph which I took.

BONJOUR!(To everyone whom we met at KUNIESCUBACENTRE)  April,2003
Comment allez-vous? My WEB contract capacity was a limit. Therefore, I'm using the free publication of [Infoseek c.o].
But, A Japanese advertisement appears.
Merci. Bon voyage!

Special photograph←click here
There are many photographs in my web. [Which are your special photograph that I want to see?] So, I chose some photographs
which I liked. It was the photograph that on the top page and on this page.The photograph grows bigger when you click on
the name of the fish. There is some infomation,too.

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